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Friday, August 16 @ 7:45 AM | 0 Comment [s]

  Aloha ! :3 well updating after everything that happens today, surely feels good :) . How are you peeps ? Expecting another new post from me ? XD well here it is . I just came back from an open house actually . It was my mother's friend that she got to knew from her car club . Hmm, not very much...we just eat and the adult start talking about their car stuff(better not to interupt), and my mum keep telling them that I'm a Kelantanese(well that's a good trick coz they don't believe it eventhough it's true), and the kuih is delicious too :D having a nice visit O_o though on the way back, my mom got her car stucked in that small road or lorong or whatsoever .

  Continued from last night, yeahh I didn't managed to sleep well . I sleep on 7 am this morning and got up on 10 am something coz my mom took us to KK . Well, we go to the Centre Point and I bought this Pelangi exercise books for Physic and Chemistry . I tried to find for Additional Mathematic, but I guess many people is having trouble with their AddMath . There are no stocks left and that left me a conclusion : Sabahan is not very good with number . I guess it's pretty true ....-.-"

  Then on the way back, my mum decided to take a look at the PC Fair that currently held at 1Borneo . There's a lot of gadgets thing but there is only one thing that caught my attention ! guess what? HARD DISK~ I really need to get one because I'm planning to format my laptop and I'll need something to backup all the important data . Futhermore, there are a lot of pictures and songs inside the laptop . I managed to find the lowest price which is RM155 for a 500GB hard disk . Quite a deal but guess I don't have that much budget . Let's see tomorrow then...(planning to go with someone else hehehe)

  Ahaa ! remind me of Dracula, of course . Yeahh continue the story . Well there's a weird teacher(not exactly hehe) that gave me a nicknamed of Dracula because I love to read Dracula stories . There's ton of storybook about Dracula on my desk and there's a thick one with a hard cover . As far as I remember, I bought the book for RM30++ or RM60++ something . I guess he just saw it and started to call me Dracula lol .

P/s: next post going to be in Malay :) UK reader or maybe someone that has a high appreciation towards English, sorry for the broken language . Not a good storymaker :P


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