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Last post :'( hiatus begins

Saturday, August 17 @ 8:36 AM | 0 Comment [s]

  k guys this is my last post before I'm going for a longggg hiatus . Yepp, this is what I've to bear for becoming a fully residential school's student . We've got shorter holiday than the other school, perhaps and more time studying than other (i mean it, heavy-duty student) .

  well, I'm not good at saying goodbye to others and usually I'll just wave hands and say, "let's meet again someday."  and with a smile . A big hug and flying kiss also a good way to bid farewell, but it seems so awkward to me . Besides, I have got this belief that we'll meet the same person at least twice in our life so the next time we'll see each other again, it won't be too awkward to say 'hi' .

  I do hope all my followers will keep checking and visiting my blog as the time pass. I surely hope I've gathered some fans of my blog during this holiday . Well, I don't really have a particular blog that I'll visit everyday, but I do visit many blogs at one time eventhough it's not active for a long time . And also, do let me know if anything happens to my blog, such as you can't open my blog for a malicious malware or something like that . I've got this friend of mine which has gotten her blog a malicious malware and I can't open her blog . So, you're free to share your thought at my cbox, but please not a virus link .

  you can contact me through email if something like that happened : illya.Aken@gmail.com
I only take some safety precaution because I don't want anything like that happening to me and to my fellow friends :) So then, until next time, bye~

P/s: pretty sad to leave my blog and Sabah . I've gained quite a few followers during this holiday and I do hope to see some improvements during my leave T___T

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