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le 50 facts about me

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facts about me that maybe you/even myself don't know ! :

1. Hate vegetables very much ! typical child *sigh*
2. Interested to all kind of technology including new gadgets that is still in the way of making .
3. Science lover, do better in physic rather than chemistry and biology but sucks in AddMath.
4. History lover, paleontology maybe but doesn't like historical independence or politic history. Much to fossil and prehistoric ruin,hieroglyphic, and the civilization itself.
5. Am a very nice person to everybody, especially the not-so-knowing-you person . but pretty mean to friends and people that know me .
6. Can stay calm in a panic situation cause' I believe that if we are panic, we will lost our ability to think, and that will be troublesome in that kind of situation . the best way is to relax, and think for an agenda .
7. Schooling in a boarding school, and only get to home back once a year .
8. Staying apart with family, with a great distance of 1800km++. (Kota Kinabalu and Kelantan)
9. Have moved to 2 different houses as far as I can remember, and the first time my family moved, the house that we move in is only in front of our old house . 
10. A really good sleeper, can continue to sleep for 23 hours non-stop and only stop for a while to go to the toilet .
11. Very active at 3.00 am, usually my brain start to function at the highest performance on this time. So, a night student .
12. My skin is lacking on melanin . Has a, well, maybe quite pale skin .
13. I only have white, red and black shirt in my locker . And yes, only T-shirt. not a very fan of blouses and other clothes .
14. Die-hard-fan of Manchester United football club. Always daydreaming about seeing them play in front of my eyes, and a real supporter of Chicarito.
15. Easily falling in love, but never have intention on a serious relationship . Just having a platonic relationship is pretty cool .
16. Easily trusting people but hard to believe any stories unless it come out from the persons' mouth themselves. Once you betrayed me, my trust to you will over till ever .
17. Really like studying scientific terms such that the word that got 'logy' at the back of the words. eg: epidemiology
18. Have a quite fast pickup brain on certain subject but quite slow in picking up a conversation .
19. Not a very artistic person, but loving the art and music, also literature .
20. Classical music lover, abstract art, that keep my mind out of the world.
21. Plays piano since little and stop when goes to boarding school since they didn't have any piano class. Now, I lost that one skills.
22. Not a very good swimmer but can swim .
23. Learn martial arts but quit half way since I'm lazy to go to the practise . And yes, I regretted it .
24. Have attend dance class but also quit since the coordinator said,"you're just like a wood trying to dance." yes, not a good dancer also .
25. Have experience in storytelling, and the highest achievement is when I represented my city to the state level . I still remember back then, my story is all about a black goat and I'm wearing entirely black costume and my teacher put a horn on my head .
26. Have a childhood friend but entirely lost contact after moving to a new house at different places. :'(
27. I always got the top ranking during the elementary school and nobody has ever taken me down . My nearest rival during that time is my best friend .
28. I love to hang out at the science lab because my science teacher always have interesting fact about life, and he keep telling me new things every time I went to see him .
29. Much more comfortable with silent environment .
30. Not very into a gossip team but love to hear them talk, at least we'll know the latest about people surround us .
31. Love to watch anime and read manga a lot ! Just give me a synopsis and the anime title, and I'll tell you the whole story .
32. Favourite country : Japan, United Kingdom, Rome and Italy .
33. Can understand a whole lot of languages, Dusun, Malay, Chinese(a little bit), Japanese,English(common) .
34. I have studied Japanese language for 3 years more and almost get to fly to Japan for study tour, but didn't get the chance since I got no passport .
35. Never cried in public . And yet, people often know how to find me if I'm crying .
36. I usually walk moderately slow and holding hands like a wedding couple with my best friend. 
37. I got a few nickname during my high school, Mc'au, Aurel, Aura, Lia and my family call me Along .
38. I have habits of sleeping on my stomach down to the mattress .
39. I don't have any particular sports to play but every year, I would represent my house sport in different type of sport . Such that, form2: triple jump, form3: javelin form4: triple jump and long jump . And they'll need me to fill in the last place .
40. I sleep silently but with a not-very-closed eyes . I don't know why but that's what my friend told me .
41. I am a left-handed . But I learned to eat using my right hand, and my personality is more dominant to that left brain user.
42. I've never eat exotic food before . And also, I didn't eat internal organ of an animal .
43. I would like to write a book someday, where it will be the memory during my childhood and the story of my life at people's country .
44. My best friend during my high school got a royal bloodline and yes, she got a cousin and her cousin is the famous singer, Misha Omar .
45. In my family, I'm the only one who hasn't still be infected by the chickenpox since the last time family got it, I'm at the school .
46. I got a small scar at my chest that I got when I'm 4-5 years old . I'm playing at the garage, sliding down through a wood, and the tiny bit of the wood's bark goes out and 'stab' me right at the chest . I didn't notice the wood at my chest until my mum sees it .
47. I have always wanted to learn ballet, but then I noticed they're all very flexible and I couldn't even bend my legs.
48. My first detention is during my Year 4 when I'm eating in the class,and the teacher asks me to stand outside the class .
49. I can't stand when someone is messing up with my head.
50. I don't like lightning. It gives me a goosebump .


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