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SCHOOL attack !

Thursday, August 15 @ 3:32 PM | 0 Comment [s]

School is starting, but my book is still sleeping T___T . With the homework untouched, I'm gonna be in big trouble ...but sometimes I have my own reason for school :')
nayyy...I won't be able to speak to him already, give it up . But still, he give me a little reason why I need to go to school, unless he didn't go to school though haha . 

  This holiday? worthless . I spend my whole 2 weeks inside a dark room, with a laptop+WiFi, alone and nobody cares . Raya only come a day and kampung for 3 days? Pheww, my family sure can't be apart from the outside world . And did I mention I lost quite a few kilograms at my house ?? Yeahh, not eating very well I guess. I mean, I've lost my chubbyness and goes down to 45kg~ that's a new record for me V-.-V

  And I totally forgotten about the NSC things eventhough I know we're going to have a tough rivals this time . It's just, I don't know . Maybe I'm losing hope or so-what . Yeahh, this is me . I don't like losing, but at the same time I just love to avoid things . It's happen everytime . Just like at school, where I really want to get to the top ranking but I'm not really into it. And I keep planting this damn feeling, such as "c'mon she is a genius already,why on earth you have to compete with her?" or this, "your ranking is good enough, stop studying so hard ." People tends to be jealous on how I can be so calm, but they never knew . I always make my myself calm but I know I'm not. Well, my friends noticed it, but barely . Maybe only some of them X(

  Well, I guess this comeback-to-school things caught my mood today . I'm really feeling lazy though -.-" hope there's a 3 month winter break for us heww. Unfortunately, Malaysia is not a 4 season country I guess . If not, I'm sure we're now at autumn break or summer break now . Off for now *yawn*~ I have spend my night with anime and I guess I'm turning to Dracula now . Speaking of Dracula, I'll tell you guys about one of my teacher gave me a nicknamed, Dracula in the class . Well, tell you all later...do remind me :) bye !


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