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Chapter 1 : La Vie est Belle

Saturday, November 23 @ 6:46 AM | 1 Comment [s]

  The stroke of the sunlight is hurting my face . I quickly open my eyes when I saw my mom is tying the curtains to allow the sunlight in. "Mom, it's still too early. Besides, the school is opening late today." That's the most reasonable excuse that I can give to my mother on this morning, since my mind isn't working properly yet to create a more satisfying excuse. "No, it's already half past six, sweetie. Now, wake up because a whole new-great-day is waiting for you. Get up. " That's my mother, never give up in getting me up. I flashback when there's one lazy day where I didn't wake up after her third trial, she just pour a bucket of cold water on my face. I mean, how could a mother do that to her own daughter right? So cold-hearted mom . With a heavy heart, I left my beloved bed and head to the toilet. Same old tired routine that I have to face in this house . I woke up in the morning, leave the bed, and went to the toilet. I'm trying to find a reason why I shouldn't take a shower this morning. I try to sniff on my own clothes and try to find any unpleasant body odor. Well, yes I stinks a bit, just a bit. That extreme condition of 'a bit', unfortunately is unacceptable for my other senses. I went to the shower room and almost died because of heart attack . Sigh. My silly little brother who have the most shameless attitude must have terrorize the whole shower, since the bathrobe is on the floor (and it blocks the pipe where the water supposed to flow out), and the shower room itself, you don't want to know. I only can define it with one word, worst-than-ever. I don't want to hold the rail where my towel supposed to be, since there's some unidentified green liquid there that I afraid some chemicals that my brother has planned on using to me. I quickly went to the bedroom and shut the door loudly, on purpose. I really don't have mood for today .




Anonymous Veron said on November 24, 2013 at 3:48 PM  

Your mom is really cool. LOL. :D

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