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Not A Storyteller

Sunday, November 17 @ 7:45 AM | 0 Comment [s]

  I'm not a storyteller. I'm not a good storymaker, so I just keep quite when my friends are laughing at their story and keep smiling as if I don't care at all. But I do care. I want to tell something that can make people happy. I want them to laugh at my stories, but seem like it's awkward. There's a lot of things that I can't say in my mind. It seem my mind has been blocked from giving away a speech or conversation. Speechless. I'd rather sit and listen to them, the latest news and juiciest gossip that came out from nowhere. Sometimes it funny to hear the fake story when you already knew the truth. But just because the word came out from another person, it was OK to listen it. Peoples nowaday are totally insane. Craving for popularity and fame. I don't want to talk because my words are 'dangerous'. It's not like I'm afraid to talk, just the usage of my words is inappropriate for sensitive fellow. I don't know, for me it's too hard to find another suitable word to replace all the mean words. Not like me, lacking on vocabulary. No. Just sometimes when we are talking too panicly, and we lost some words, that's the situation. One more things I hate when I'm talking, there's another stupid fellow who want to talk too. I don't like that kind of people. It's not like I will attract the whole attention to me, but at least show some appreciation. That's how I treated people. I listened attentively eventhough I don't like the story. This is for anybody except for the principal and teachers of course. I hate it when people interrupt and I lost my way. I really hate it. That's why better to go off. Fed up with all this. Back off to another people who listen to my story.


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