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K-Drama crazyness ! Bel Ami (Beautiful Man)

Friday, December 13 @ 5:32 AM | 0 Comment [s]

anhyeonghaseo ! OMO, I got influenced ! Damn it ! XD well, today I'm going to share my new craziness about K-Drama. When other peoples are busy with the ending of The Inheritors, I dun know. I just dun really like the story. Too complicated and there's a lot of conflict. Too serious for a teenagers life I guess *sigh* then, I stumbled upon this drama which is Bel Ami ! Man, this story is great ! Ehem, lemme give u a sypnosis a little bout' this drama :) So, the drama begin with Ma-Te, a man who have a very beautiful face and can melt any other woman in the world lol, have to conquer 10 different woman in order to defeat Na Hongran, his stepmother aka THE IRON LADY to a big company, MG Corp. He was assist by Hong Yura, the ex-wife to Munsu, the CEO of MG Corp. Munsu is the son of Na Hongran and Na Hongran didn't like Yura because Yura is keep fighting her eventhough her daughter's life is at stake. Currently, Sooly aka the daughter of Yura was under the guardian of Na Hongran. In order to take revenge to Na Hongran, Hong Yura and Ma-Te join forces to defeat the evil Na Hongran. But, when Ma-Te goes to Na Hongran's office to see his father, he was disgraced by Na Hongran where he was treated like a 'garbage' there. Feeling raged, Ma-Te determined to defeat his stepmother and take his rights back. Meanwhile, Kim Botong, a nice girl is adoring Ma-Te since she was a high-schooler. Botong always help Ma-Te in everything that he do, even selling a 100,000 pairs of sock :) The other party, Choi David is an acquaintance of Botong, a MD of MG Corp is falling in love to Botong. But he didn't confess to her seeing how much Botong loves Ma-Te. He oftens says Ma-Te as a 'bad boy'. So, back to the story about conquering 10 woman, Yura told Ma-Te the only way to defeat Na Hongran is to become a king, that can defeat the queen. And in order to become a king, he need to become as richer as Na Hongran. To achieved that, he need to learn a few things from all these 10 woman. Until then, he can't face Na Hongran like that.

  These story is so awesome that you can't resist to watch one after another episode ! SO, watch the drama and don't miss it every Wednesday and Thursday, 9.07 p.m at KBSW. and yes, the same time as The Inheritors ^^ sorry, i dun really like the story :P

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