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Liebster Award (:

Friday, December 6 @ 9:15 AM | 1 Comment [s]

  *drumrolls* yepp . I got the Liebster Award from dear Evan(: . Thank you for nominating me sweetheart :* ok, enough with the blablabla. Uolls know what it is? Nope? Ok, to put it literally, Liebster award is some kinda tagging post or what. It helps to promote your blog also your friend's blog, to readers. How many years I've stop doing this? The last time I got tagged, it's on 2011. Then, tagging post just dissapears like that. Anyway, this Liebster Award is gonna attract whole bunch of new reader to your blog, so make sure to answer the question creatively ! ^^

~For those who have less than 200 followers on Bloglovin, this is a great opportunity for small and new blogs to find new readers and connect with everyone in the blogging community!

~If I have nominated you, all you have to do to receive the award is answer a few questions! Make sure that when you nominate people you are following them and send them a message letting them know you have done so (suggest at most 11 nominations).
My answer to Evan <3

1.10 facts about myself(and a picture of me)
#not into fashion at all, but although I'm interested in lolita fashion
#never eat vegetables since kid, cause i really hate it. Most.
#very shy at first,but turned aggresive and wild as u get to know better
#not to brag, but i've got pretty good memory about study
#fully residential school student (aliran sains tulen)
#does not have pet at home
#narcissist in my own way
#took interest about martial art and skateboard
#heaven for me is a 2 storey house, inside a small room with aircond, and located somewhere at Tuaran.
*no beauty filter :) original me*
2.where i'd like to be in 10 years
~Japan :)

3.how do i hope for future will be like
CEO of big company, got a big mansion for myself, and have many sport car as possible ^^

4.list 3 of my fav.song
Hoobastank- The Reason Is You
Evanescence- My Immortal
Lady Antebellum- Just A Kiss

5.write a letter for my reflection in the mirror
  Dear me, please be a good girl next year. Study hard so you can become a scientist and have as many money as you want. You love money rite ? XOXO from yourself.

6.write a letter to someone who has broke my heart
  You, be happy :) cause I love you so much.

7.how important education is
not rily important, Albert Enstein don't go to school.

8.fav tv show
Running Man? lol

9.what kind of people attract me
someone who know the right choice

10.someone who fascinate me and why
anyone who able to make the right choice, tell me what I'm going to do before I do it and why? because their careness is fascinating me :)

11.most treasured item
my bangle

12.something i want to do before i die
make a revolution

13.something that makes my heart break
</3 backstab me.

14.something i'm extremely afraid of
Thunderstorm .

15.a habit i wish i didn't have
habit ? lazy to do almost everything.

16.a dead person that i'd like to talk to and why
Paul Walker, to tell him how great he is in every movie he's in :(

17.name a cartoon i loved as a kid
Teletubbies :3 ever heard bout it? lol

18.my ultimate feast?
feast? dun understand this question

19.superpower i wish i had
able to see future

20.if i could write a book, what would it be about?
about the damsel in distress lol , kidding. bout my life maybe....

Ok, finished ! now for the nomination .... drumroll pleaseeeee~


1. syikin

question from me :)

1. your full name
2. ur favourite movie
3. favourite nickname
4. if u really need money, what do u do? (except for asking from parents or anyone)
5. ur favourite dish( and the recipe if possible lol)
6. describe urself in one word
7. do you have any concern now
8. how often u update ur blog
9. favourite song ever/ music also can
10. fav quote+where do the quote come from

 THAT's ALL from me ^^

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Blogger Evangelista Grace said on December 6, 2013 at 10:05 AM  

Heyy there, Aurealia! ...enjoyed reading your answers, i loved watching teletubbies too, when i was a little lass! XD

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