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Thursday, December 5 @ 11:31 AM | 0 Comment [s]

   Hey peeps. Random feeling confession, just bear with me haha. I know I'm not perfect, but I hope somehow all of my posts can give strength to people who needs it, become a pillar for supporting people, and give hope to the people around the world. I don't really express my feelings very well, some time I just keep it by myself because there's nobody who gonna hear it after all. I only have one friends that ready to hear all of my stories and I admitted it, he's a very good listener. It's really nice when you got that one person that you can really trusts and you can share your thoughts with. The only problem is, he is a 'he'. People tends to look at the negative side when a girl is bestfriend-ing with a boy and that's keep making others getting the wrong idea. It's always stressed me out but I know there's nothing I have to worried about. I'm already comfortable like that, so what? why the hell they should care? It's not like when I talk to them, they're gonna listen after all. Girls, too much fuss. I really hate it when I'm telling my story and suddenly there's one person start talking also, and all the attentions goes to her. Man, like, did she ever respect my feeling? I mean, hell...I'm a human, eventhough I seem like feelingless after all. That's what I need. A good listener, someone who appreciate when I'm silent during a conversation just to make sure I don't miss any points. Acting like I don't care is really painful sometime. But if I don't do it, there will be too much problem and as you all know, I really hate problems. I hate it when, it's like accumulating inside my head and I just can't rid all of it easily because it's a problem. The best way to get out of the problem, avoid it. I don't really like talking to people who talks bad about others. Though, sometime I joined the club, but really. It's like backstabbing someone who really cares about you and never thinks bad about you. I hate backstabber as well, so I kinda understand the situation sometime. Very nice that I still got someone to talk to. If not, I might have been crazy for the whole years haha. And by the way,I really like my friend that I described just now. He's so awesome because he can stand hearing my story for the whole 4 hours and I like, expressing everything, every thought that passing by in my mind, I just give it all out for him to hear. Of course, there's no scene like crying or begging, pardon? but it's so relaxing after a talk with him and sometime he do tell me stories also, and he know my favourite hehe. Of course, talking about my crush mainly lol. It's so great when you can talk about your crush to another man hehe. Well, I guess I have to become a bad girl again next year if the situation continues. Who care for me after all? Hayyy, life is sure great ! Thanks God for this beautiful life and beautiful me :)

P/S : This is my feeling, as an outcast of a community. I'm like a behind-the-scenes actress. Nobody ever noticed her, eventhough what have she do is really great for the drama. The feeling of unwanted by the community, I try at least. But, there's just too much drama.


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