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JPA Interview ( Engineering 4 Country)

Monday, April 13 @ 4:59 AM | 0 Comment [s]

  well done babe. You have done a good job in your interview, hopefully. Hi everyone and my fellow loyal stalkers, I'm sorry for the long lost gone without news. Well, actually I'm quite busy lately with work and interview. It's such a hard life when you have to work, and at the same time thinking all about the universities, matriculation and so on. Okay straight to the point, I've been to JPA Engineering Japan, Korea, German and France? program. The interview was quite simple, and the candidates going for the interview were less than 50. Telling you, we have to wear an all-white-apparel and sport shoes. At first, I thought that we're going to be tested on our physical strength ( considering engineering is quite ......, well you know ) , but actually it is a NO. We're only been asked to wear that kind of outfit because it is easier for us to relax ourselves during the discussion, since we can sit on the floor or anywhere that comfortable. We also can lying around the hall, which of course I forbid to do that even though they say you can. I mean, they're judging you all over the time, and I don't think a high mark going to be given to a students that lying around on the floor. So, the session was started with some brief explanation about how they're going to handle the interview. I managed to get to know a few new friends, also. And also, guess what? I met with my NSC buddy joyeahh! Never thought that I would be able to meet them, again. Well, lucky me. So we're divided into 4 groups, consist of 4-5 student per group. First session, there will be discussion and presentation. Then, Q&A session. Mark me, the Q&A was handled between another group and us. Like, the question will come from the other group, and the panel of judges will only watch how we're going to react to the question, how we present our ideas, and how well do we cooperate among others member during discussion. They'll be standing close, so make sure to make your voice loud and clear. The same goes after that, the difference is only language. One is in Malay, and the next one, English. After we have done the presentation and Q&A session, then the other group will present theirs. How? well, I forgot to mention how they're going to determined the topic. They will give you a general topic first, like,"PEACE", then they'll divide different aspect into each group to be discussed on. That's it. The same flow goes for both session, Malay and English. Just be talkative, make a strong point, and leave a good impressions on you. I don't know if this is helping you, but just sharing :) Pray for my upcoming result on 30/4 jyeahh. ( By the way, I applied for Japan Technical Programme)

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